HAFLINGER In stock Unisex Emils Wool Felt Slide Slippers $94 HAFLINGER Unisex Emils Wool Felt Slide Slippers Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women HAFLINGER In stock Unisex Emils Wool Felt Slide Slippers Unisex,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,bestgeneratorguide.com,Felt,HAFLINGER,Slide,Wool,Emils,/inexpedient1834539.html,$94,Slippers $94 HAFLINGER Unisex Emils Wool Felt Slide Slippers Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Unisex,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,bestgeneratorguide.com,Felt,HAFLINGER,Slide,Wool,Emils,/inexpedient1834539.html,$94,Slippers

HAFLINGER In stock Unisex Emils Wool Kansas City Mall Felt Slide Slippers

HAFLINGER Unisex Emils Wool Felt Slide Slippers


HAFLINGER Unisex Emils Wool Felt Slide Slippers

Product description


HAFLINGER Emil's slide slippers impresses with its extraordinary design in connection with its functionality. The wool felt used for its manufacture has the advantage that its natural properties prevent unpleasant heat build-up. It keeps the foot warm without making it sweat. Its footbed is exchangeable and supports optimal gait by guiding the foot in its natural step. Its outsole is made of high-quality leather, which protects the foot from the cold of the floor even in cold seasons. In addition, it is non-slip and thus ensures a safe appearance.

HAFLINGER Emil's slippers is reminiscent of the very first slippers from the Haflinger brand with its design and is therefore something very special!

Like all of our models, it stands for what we represent and associate with Haflinger: quality, naturalness and sustainability!

The Haflinger philosophy is simple and logical—a healthy foot needs the proper environment and a properly designed walking surface to stay healthy.

Products by HAFLINGER focus on providing a healthy foot climate through insulation and breathability, crucial for a balanced and energy conserving lifestyle. Arch support is a very important feature and something the brand is famous for. Haflinger slippers have a thick felted outsole, softer than its cork relations and very popular for the softness of the step.

Machine wash warm with mild detergent on gentle cycle for 5 minutes. Machine dry gently for several minutes to release excess moisture. Stuff slipper with paper overnight and allow to air-dry.

From the manufacturer

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Style Wool Slippers Wool Slippers Hard Sole Slippers Wool Clogs Wool Clogs Wool Slippers
Upper Breathable boiled virgin wool Breathable boiled virgin wool Boiled virgin wool felt Boiled virgin wool felt Boiled virgin wool felt Boiled wool felt upper
Use Indoor Only Indoor Only Indoor and Outdoor Indoor and Outdoor Indoor and Outdoor Indoor
Arch Support Latex molded Support Latex molded Latex molded Latex molded Latex molded Latex molded
Insole Moisture-absorbing wool felt lining Moisture-absorbing wool felt lining Wool felt lining Water-resistant thermoplastic rubber outsole Wool felt lining, removable contoured footbed Wool felt lining
Outsole Double felt Double felted with rubber traction dots Non-skid waterproof rubber outsole Water-resistant thermoplastic rubber outsole Water-resistant thermoplastic rubber outsole Leather
Features Decorated with traditional Oktoberfest beer and pretzel applique Decorated with a funny bicycle applique Trimmed with wool fibers Trimmed with zigzagged wool fibers Decorated with a button Extraordinary comfy design

HAFLINGER Unisex Emils Wool Felt Slide Slippers

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