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New product M-Tac Fleece Jacket High order Underwear Delta Sweater Tactical Top

M-Tac Fleece Jacket Underwear Sweater Tactical Top Delta


M-Tac Fleece Jacket Underwear Sweater Tactical Top Delta

Product description

M-Tac represents you multifunctional fleece jacket for men, that also can be used as fleece undershirt, fleece underwear or even tactical sweater.
In combination with mens base layer or thermal base provides you comfort use in cold weather.
Inspired by the ECWCS - Extended Cold Weather Clothing System Generation (gen III).

- The model has warming and moisture-wicking properties.

- Designed to be used in extreme cold climate conditions.

- Made in Ukraine
- Material 100% polyester (250 g/m2)
- flat seams
- 1/4 zip by YKK
- stand collar
- thumb hole in sleeve for comfortable wearing

- hand wash
- line dry
- don't use bleach
- don't use dryer

M-Tac Fleece Jacket Underwear Sweater Tactical Top Delta

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