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HamiltonBuhl MACH-2 Cheap mail order shopping Multimedia Stereo Headset Over-Ear Max 84% OFF St with -

HamiltonBuhl MACH-2 Multimedia Stereo Headset - Over-Ear with St


HamiltonBuhl MACH-2 Multimedia Stereo Headset - Over-Ear with St

Product description

Deluxe Headset w/Goose Neck Microphone

Product description

Deluxe Headset w/Goose Neck Microphone

Product Description

MACH-2 Deluxe Multimedia USB Headset

MACH-2 is the new deluxe and stylish, robust and versatile multimedia USB headset from HamiltonBuhl that will connect to any device with a USB port, whether PC or Mac!.

Featuring high quality integrated USB sound, steel reinforced gooseneck microphone with in-line volume control, soft leatherette ear cushions delivering excellent noise-isolation, and adjustable, folding headband, MACH-2 is designed for all-day comfort and easy compact storage.


HamiltonBuhl MACH-2 Multimedia Stereo Headset - Over-Ear with St

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