Las Vegas Mall iFlash 2 Pack Tempered Glass Samsung Galaxy For Protector Screen $2 iFlash 2 Pack Tempered Glass Screen Protector For Samsung Galaxy Cell Phones Accessories Accessories Las Vegas Mall iFlash 2 Pack Tempered Glass Samsung Galaxy For Protector Screen /electromotion80978.html,Tempered,Screen,Protector,For,iFlash,,Galaxy,Samsung,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,$2,Pack,Glass,2 $2 iFlash 2 Pack Tempered Glass Screen Protector For Samsung Galaxy Cell Phones Accessories Accessories /electromotion80978.html,Tempered,Screen,Protector,For,iFlash,,Galaxy,Samsung,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,$2,Pack,Glass,2

Las Vegas Mall iFlash 2 Pack Tempered Glass Samsung Galaxy For El Paso Mall Protector Screen

iFlash 2 Pack Tempered Glass Screen Protector For Samsung Galaxy


iFlash 2 Pack Tempered Glass Screen Protector For Samsung Galaxy

Product description

Scratch Proof
Made of the highest quality transparent tempered glass with rating of 8-9H hardness, it is nearly impossible to scratch or penetrate.

Ultra Thin amp; HD Clarity
Ultra thin and whole transparency, this tempered glass is only 0.3mm thick which has excellent light transmittance. High-response material maintains your screen's original sensitivity and even improves the glide experience.

Rounded Edge
Designed to provide the smooth and naked phone screen experience as well as improved chip-resistance.

Easy bubble-free installation
The screen protector gets you zero to very minimal bubbles during application.

1 Year Manufacturer Replacement Warranty
At iFlash, we happily offer you a quick, no-hassle REPLACEMENT OR REFUND on your tempered glass screen protector, if

• You encounter installation problems such as bubbling or the product does not match your screen size.
• Your screen protector sustains wear and tear or scratches during normal use (not including water damage or damage caused by accident drop)

iFlash 2 Pack Tempered Glass Screen Protector For Samsung Galaxy

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