$15,Case,,Slim,CROMI,Sleeve,Bag,Laptop,/electromotion48678.html,Commuter,C,Electronics , Computers Accessories,bestgeneratorguide.com,Business,Briefcase $15,Case,,Slim,CROMI,Sleeve,Bag,Laptop,/electromotion48678.html,Commuter,C,Electronics , Computers Accessories,bestgeneratorguide.com,Business,Briefcase $15 CROMI Laptop Case, Slim Briefcase Commuter Bag Business Sleeve C Electronics Computers Accessories $15 CROMI Laptop Case, Slim Briefcase Commuter Bag Business Sleeve C Electronics Computers Accessories latest CROMI Laptop Case Slim Briefcase Business Sleeve C Commuter Bag latest CROMI Laptop Case Slim Briefcase Business Sleeve C Commuter Bag

latest CROMI Laptop Case Slim Briefcase Business Sleeve C Commuter Max 67% OFF Bag

CROMI Laptop Case, Slim Briefcase Commuter Bag Business Sleeve C


CROMI Laptop Case, Slim Briefcase Commuter Bag Business Sleeve C

Product description

CROMI Laptop Computer Case Cover Sleeve Shoulder Strap Bag

Designed for Laptops / Notebooks / Mac-book / Ultra-book / Chrome-book/ Mac-book / Acer / Asus / Dell / Surface Pro / Lenovo / HP / Samsung / Sony / Toshiba etc.

This notebook computer case features top handles for you to carry your laptop in comfort, and two side pockets for storage of small items like power adapter and notepads. The handles can tuck away in the pockets when you do not need them, giving the case a simpler look.

Compatible with most 11 - 11.6 inches device includes:


Acer Aspire One Cloudbook AO1-131-C9PM 11.6 inch


Apple MacBook Air 11.6 inch
Apple MacBook MK4M2LL/A 12 inch


ASUS Transformer Book T100HA 10.1 inch
ASUS VivoBook X102B/X102BA/X200CA/X202E/X205TA 11.6


HP Stream 11 Laptop 11.6 inch (not for HPx360)
HP EliteBook Revolve 810
HP Envy x2 11-g010nr 11.6 inch
HP Pavilion 10-e010nr 10.1 inch
HP Pavilion Touchsmart 11-E010nr 11.6 inch


Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 10.1 inch
Lenovo IdeaPad A10 10.1 inch
Lenovo Yoga Multimode 10 inch


Samsung Series 3 XE303 11.6 inch
Samsung Chromebook/Chromebook 2
Samsung Ativ Smart PC 500T1C-H02 11.6 inch


Sony Vaio Pro 11
Haier Chormebook 11
Techair Z Series Clam Styled Slipcase for 10-11.6 inch

Package Includes:

1 x Messenger Laptop Bag.

1 x Extra Side pocket

1 x Shoulder straps

CROMI Laptop Case, Slim Briefcase Commuter Bag Business Sleeve C

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Welcome to Dreamstime, worlds' largest community for royalty-free photos and stock photography. Established since 2000, our vast collection of professional stock photos is enriched daily with photos from talented contributors from all over the world.

Whatever image you need, we have you more than covered with millions of photos, illustrations and vectors, spanning a wide array of categories and themes, at prices that anyone - from large corporations to various magazines and blogs - can easily afford.

Do you have a project that calls for more than stock photos and images? Well, we haven’t forgotten about you! In addition to our deep well of royalty-free image assets, we also offer thousands of high-quality, professionally produced audio clips, royalty-free music and video clips. Like our database of images, our database of stock video footages and audio files continue to grow, with hundreds of new additions uploaded daily!

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