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2021 autumn and winter new safety The Game of box Chips

The Game of Chips (box)


The Game of Chips (box)

Product description


This game is simplicity itself. Maddening, exhilarating, hilarious, frustrating, and addictive simplicity itself. Low score wins in this crazy, fast-paced game of roll 'em and toll 'em. Ten poker chips, numbered 1 through 10, are placed face up on the playing area. Roll a pair of dice, and remove any combination of chips adding up to your total roll; keep rolling until you can't remove a combo. Your score for that round is the total on all chips remaining face up when play passes to the next player. There's a certain brand of potato chips with the slogan "Bet you can't eat just one." The Game of Chips could just as confidently claim, "Bet you can't play just once." --Tony Mason

From the Manufacturer

Roll the dice and take out the matching total in chips. Choose your point combinations carefully so you don't get stuck with too many chips left - because in this game the player with the LOWEST score wins.

The Game of Chips (box)

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