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Funko Raleigh Mall Bumble Low price POP

Funko Bumble POP


Funko Bumble POP

Product description

From the Manufacturer

4" tall Bumble is looking fearsome and ready to attack with a big smile of sharp teeth.

Funko Bumble POP

  • What is O-Mo-Te-Na-Si?

    These five elements spell omotenasi, the Japanese word for hospitality.
    It means to wholeheartedly take care of guests without expecting anything in return.
    Attention is paid to even the smallest details in order to bring guests the best experience possible.
    As you make your way across Japan, you will find omotenasi everywhere.

  • What is O-H-K-I-Ni?

    This popular word has the meaning of “thank you”.
    Many people in the Kansai area say “Ohkini” at the end of conversation to smooth relations with the person.
    Ohkini was originally an adverb that indicated large quantities. Therefore,
    “Ohkini Arigato” is the equivalent of “Thank you very much.”
    Over the years, this was abbreviated to just “Ohkini.”
    O・H・K・I・Ni for attending the IChO 2021 Japan!