LEGO BrickHeadz Go Year-end gift Brick Me Piece Kit Building 41597 708 Piece),Go,41597,Building,/credibleness1834584.html,Toys Games , Building Toys,$65,,BrickHeadz,Kit,LEGO,Me,Brick,(708 $65 LEGO BrickHeadz Go Brick Me 41597 Building Kit (708 Piece) Toys Games Building Toys LEGO BrickHeadz Go Year-end gift Brick Me Piece Kit Building 41597 708 $65 LEGO BrickHeadz Go Brick Me 41597 Building Kit (708 Piece) Toys Games Building Toys Piece),Go,41597,Building,/credibleness1834584.html,Toys Games , Building Toys,$65,,BrickHeadz,Kit,LEGO,Me,Brick,(708

LEGO BrickHeadz Go Year-end gift Brick Me Piece Kit Building 41597 708 All items free shipping

LEGO BrickHeadz Go Brick Me 41597 Building Kit (708 Piece)


LEGO BrickHeadz Go Brick Me 41597 Building Kit (708 Piece)

Product description

Fuel your creativity with LEGO BrickHeadz 41597 Go Brick Me and build yourself, friends and family or colleagues with this fun set. Create two BrickHeadz toy figures using the specially selected LEGO bricks for different hairstyles and skin color, plus there are two kinds of glasses, a sticker sheet to personalize your builds, and a brick separator. Display your creations on the buildable baseplates in your home, office or anywhere you like.

From the manufacturer

LEGO BrickHeadz Go Brick Me 41597 Building Kit (708 Piece)

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