Dickies Dynamix Women List price Scrubs Pant Natural Jogge Leg Tapered Rise $23,Rise,Scrubs,Pant,Jogge,Women,bestgeneratorguide.com,Natural,Leg,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Dickies,Dynamix,/cowlick48735.html,Tapered $23 Dickies Dynamix Women Scrubs Pant Natural Rise Tapered Leg Jogge Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Dickies Dynamix Women List price Scrubs Pant Natural Jogge Leg Tapered Rise $23 Dickies Dynamix Women Scrubs Pant Natural Rise Tapered Leg Jogge Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $23,Rise,Scrubs,Pant,Jogge,Women,bestgeneratorguide.com,Natural,Leg,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Dickies,Dynamix,/cowlick48735.html,Tapered

Dickies Dynamix Women Direct store List price Scrubs Pant Natural Jogge Leg Tapered Rise

Dickies Dynamix Women Scrubs Pant Natural Rise Tapered Leg Jogge


Dickies Dynamix Women Scrubs Pant Natural Rise Tapered Leg Jogge

Product description

Athletic-Inspired Dickies Medical Women Joggers | Advanced Fabric and Features
Womens scrubs enter a new era of sport performance with Dickies Dynamix. These womens joggers with pockets mix elevated functionality with our favorite athletic features. Light polyester/spandex fabric blend and textured dobby construction was inspired by sports apparel. Natural rise pull-on waistband with inside drawstring is comfortable and stays in place all day. Tapered leg with rib-knit cuff. Space dyed contrast waistband and pocket trim. A total of six pockets let you store your gear in style: two front pockets, two roomy cargo pockets and back pockets. Coverstitch detail throughout garment provides extra athletic appeal. Discrete tonal logo heat transfer on left pocket.

For jogger pants women will love, shop the entire Dickies Dynamix collection. Dickies Dynamix: Inspired by sport, designed for the way you work.

Contemporary fit.
Moisture wicking finish moves moisture away from the body to keep you comfortable through a long work shift.
Wrinkle resistant.
Body: 91% polyester / 9% spandex textured dobby
Contrast: 87% polyester / 13% spandex knit jersey
Regular inseam = 28 ½"
Petite inseam = 26"
Tall inseam = 31 ½"

Dickies Dynamix Women Scrubs Pant Natural Rise Tapered Leg Jogge

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