Marvel,Black,/congregationist1812242.html,,6-inch,Series,$21,Widow,Legends,Avengers,Toys Games , Toy Figures Playsets Avengers Marvel Legends Series Widow 6-inch Deluxe Black $21 Avengers Marvel Legends Series 6-inch Black Widow Toys Games Toy Figures Playsets $21 Avengers Marvel Legends Series 6-inch Black Widow Toys Games Toy Figures Playsets Avengers Marvel Legends Series Widow 6-inch Deluxe Black Marvel,Black,/congregationist1812242.html,,6-inch,Series,$21,Widow,Legends,Avengers,Toys Games , Toy Figures Playsets

Avengers Marvel Legends Luxury Series Widow 6-inch Deluxe Black

Avengers Marvel Legends Series 6-inch Black Widow


Avengers Marvel Legends Series 6-inch Black Widow

Product description

An agent of espionage and expert in hand-to-hand combat, Black Widow is trained to take out any enemy of justice. With the Marvel Legends Series, both kid and adult Marvel fans can start a legendary collection of comic- and movie-based Marvel characters. This 6-inch Black Widow figure is highly articulated and features a movie-inspired design, making it another worthy addition to the Marvel Legends Series. Collect all figures in this Avengers Marvel Legends Series Build-a-Figure collection to assemble Cull Obsidian! Additional figures each sold separately. Subject to availability. Copyright 2017 MARVEL. Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.

Avengers Marvel Legends Series 6-inch Black Widow


Shri Bhaskar Sarma, IAS

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