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half Lucky Brand Ebon Shoulder 1 year warranty Perforated

Lucky Brand Ebon Perforated Shoulder


Lucky Brand Ebon Perforated Shoulder

Product description

Lucky Brand Genuine Perforated Leather Ebon Shoulder. Supple leather and antique hardware details. Fixed Shoulder Strap and Adjustable And Detachable Crossbody Strap for Convertible wear.

Lucky Brand - Hombros de piel perforada auténtica de ébano. Cuero flexible y detalles de hardware antiguos. Correa de hombro fija y correa cruzada ajustable y desmontable para un desgaste convertible.

Lucky Brand 정품 천공 가죽 에본 숄더. 유연한 가죽과 앤티크 하드웨어 디테일. 고정된 어깨 스트랩과 조절 및 탈착식 크로스 바디 스트랩으로 컨버터블 착용.

Lucky Brand Ebon Perforated Shoulder


Shri Bhaskar Sarma, IAS

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