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COOYA for Samsung S20 Plus Galaxy Case with Indianapolis Mall Stand Sale SALE% OFF

COOYA for Samsung S20 Plus Case with Stand, Galaxy S20 Plus Case


COOYA for Samsung S20 Plus Case with Stand, Galaxy S20 Plus Case

Product Description

Drop Protection
Shockproof Case with Kickstand for Samsung Galaxy S20+ 6.7 Inch

COOYA for Samsung S20 Plus Phone Case with Kickstand Drop Protection Rugged Case Protective Cover, NOT FIT Samsung S20 or Samsung S20 Ultra.

ONLY Compatible with

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 6.7 Inch

Rugged Protection

Made of high grade TPU and PC material, provide superior protection to your Samsung S20+ 6.7’’ from shocks and scratches.

Built-in Kickstand

Built-in kickstand design enables you to watch videos and set your hands-free, you can set it as vertical and horizontal convenient viewing to match your need.

Wireless Charging Supported

Works great with Samsung wireless charger. No need to take off the phone case while charging.

Screen and Camera Protection

Please notice that we DON’T Offer Screen Protector. There is ONLY the protective stand case for Samsung S20 Plus.

Raised camera and screen edges help protect your Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G camera and screen from scratches.

Details Crafting

Precise cutouts for speakers, power port, audio port and buttons. Easy to install and remove this protective case cover.

COOYA for Samsung S20 Plus Case with Stand, Galaxy S20 Plus Case


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