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Mydethun Moon Lamp Light Night Gift Kids for Wome We San Francisco Mall OFFer at cheap prices

Mydethun Moon Lamp Moon Light Night Light for Kids Gift for Wome


Mydethun Moon Lamp Moon Light Night Light for Kids Gift for Wome


Product Description

3.9 inches moon lamp moon lamp moon lamp moon lamp
3.9 In Moon Lamp 16 Color and Remote Control 4.7in Moon Light With Wood Base 5.9in Moon Light With Wood Base 7.0in Moon Light With Wood Base
Size(diameter) 3.9 inch 4.7 inch 5.9 inch 7.0 inch
Holder Wood base Wood base Wood base Wood base
Light Source Type LED LED LED LED
Material Type PLA PLA PLA PLA
voltage 5V 5V 5V 5V
Wattage 1 Watt 1 watt 1 watt 1 watt
Color 16 Color White and Yellow White and Yellow White and Yellow

Mydethun Moon Lamp Moon Light Night Light for Kids Gift for Wome


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Principal's message

Hello Phoenix Family! 

It is with optimism and excitement that we begin the 2021-2022 school year. Garcia Early College High School students continue to have the opportunity to earn college hours while in high school. Our teachers and staff are ready to serve our students, parents, and community. Phoenix Proud!


¡Hola familia Phoenix!

Es con optimismo y entusiasmo que comenzamos el año escolar 2021-2022. Los estudiantes de García Early College High School continúan teniendo la oportunidad de obtener horas universitarias durante sus años de escuela secundaria. Los maestros y personal están listos para servir a nuestros estudiantes, padres y comunidad. ¡Juego encendido! ¡Orgullo Phoenix!


Mrs. Margarita L. Taboada,

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