If you have taken some time out from your busy schedule to go camping in the wilderness, then you might need the best portable generator for RV Camping naturally. RV camping is the best way to enjoy your precious moments with your friends or family and to explore nature and sometimes, you, in the loneliness. RV i.e. Recreational Vehicle is a great innovation of modern technology with the availability of all mobile home features.

This vehicle is uniquely designed to make you feel at home. You can be free to go anywhere with your extraordinary mobile entertainment vehicle and spend the whole night in an open space under the sky.

Recreational Vehicles are built in your home style which supports all necessary home appliances, electronic equipment, smartphones, and more. When you wish to enjoy your short holiday outside in the open field, and at the same time want the comfort of home, there is no substitute for a Recreational Vehicle.

RV camping allows you to park your mobile home in any open space, such as a park, river-side, open field, or any other recreational spot that is perfect for enjoying a great moment.

However, one problem that can plague your RV camping is energy. All electronic devices and modern home appliances require electricity and light to function, which is not possible to serve you by an RV battery power. And to eliminate the power issues many portable generators have been invented which you can take with you while RV camping. Open Frame Inverter Generators are a great option in this regard if you are looking for lesser-priced ones.

Now, the question is which portable generators are best for your RV camping? There are several portable generators available in the market which can confuse you in choosing the better one but do not worry. We have brought here the 5 best portable generators for RV camping that support full power and lighting for your mobile home appliances, and make your outdoor vacation a memorable one.

Remember, we’re focusing only on Open Frame Portable inverter Generators here in concern with the affordability.

Top 5 Best Portable Generators for Camper in 2021

1. Champion Power Equipment 200954 Portable Generator- 4250-Watt

Champion Power Equipment 200954 4250-Watt

Champion Power Equipment is one of the best portable generators for RV camping. That company has sold 2.5 million generators so far. With their experienced skillsets they have designed this power tool with advanced technology that ensures adequate light and power to your Recreational Vehicle. It is an Open Frame Inverter Generator that comes with quiet technology features. It produces less noise, and it is a 20% lighter portable generator than a traditional generator which we like.

This portable generator ensures the life expectancy of its engine, and it saves fuel. It works very well. It is capable of long-lasting power supply with their best Quiet Technology that produces 64 dBA noise level from 23 feet away, which are perfect for your RV camping plan. Furthermore, it is available with 4250 starting watts. It supports a run time of 22 hours on gasoline as it has 3500 running watts.

This extraordinary portable generator comes with a 120V 30A RV, and additionally two 120V 20A outlets with clean power. Similarly, it offers 2 USB ports. This generator has provided a parallel kit (sold separately) that you can use to increase power output by connecting up to two 2800-watts.

The Champion Power Equipment Portable Generator ensures its longevity. It provides a limited warranty of 3 years. It also ensures free lifetime technical support. This unique portable generator will be ideal for your RV. It is equipped with all portable generator features. Open frame portable generators are economical in every aspect.

Features we like

  • The starting wattage of this portable generator is 4250 watts
  • Running wattage is 3500 watts.
  • Fitted with 224cc Champion Gasoline engine
  • Quiet Technology that produces 64 dBA noise level from 23 feet.
  • It is a 75 pound lightweight portable generator
  • It is made with high quality materials
  • It comes with 20.9 x 18.3 x 19.4 inches dimensions
  • Its ​​run time is up to 22 hours at 25% load.
  • Fuel tank is of 2.3 gallons capacity.
  • Handle, USB adapter, oil funnel and engine oil are included in this portable generator
  • Low oil shut-off sensor
  • ∙ Cold start technology
  • USB port to charge your phone.
  • It has fuel economy mode.



2. Generac GP3500iO Portable Generator – 3500 Watts with PowerRush Technology

2. Generac GP3500iO Portable Generator - 3500 Watts with PowerRush Technology


The Generac GP3500iO Portable Generator comes with PowerRush technology that ensures 50% more energy in starting for your RV appliances and devices, while RV camping. Its running watts is 3000 watts and thus, this Open Frame Inverter Generator can meet your needs for your RV. It generates adequate electricity to power your electronic devices, smartphones while your RV camping.

It is a best portable generator for RV camping with 50% less dB sound level than conventional generators which is perfect for maintaining the noise sensibility of the environment. It is a portable generator up to 25% lighter than conventional generators. This generator is built with true power technology for sensitive electronics with clean power with pure sinusoidal waves.

This RV Ready generator Generac GP3500iO is able to power RV air conditioners up to 15,000 BTU. This unique portable generator features a USB outlet and parallels ready to be used to increase the power of connecting two units together. It is a perfect collection for quality RV camping on a special day. This portable generator provides enough power and light that will not hinder your enjoyment. Open Frame is more affordable which can be availed by you.

Features we like

  • It’s a lightweight portable generator with ‎74.3 pounds
  • It has 3500 starting watts and 3000 running watts.
  • Equipped with 212 cc OHV Gasoline engine
  • 2.37 gallons fuel tank 
  • It has a run time of 11 hours at quarter load.
  • It generates less noise
  • It is built with PowerRushTM  technology, which generates more
  • power initially when starting motors.
  • ∙ TruePower™ gives you pure sine wave power signals.
  • Fitted with a simple-to-use dial that integrates start-run-stop functions with PowerDial™  
  •  It has 2 AC outlets and 2 DC outlets
  •  Its ​​operating system is simple
  • It ensures long-lasting
  • High-quality materials are used in its building
  • It is available in 19.7 x 16.5 x 16.4 inches dimensions



3. WEN GN400i RV-Ready Portable Generator – 4000-Watt


3. WEN GN400i RV-Ready Portable Generator - 4000-Watt

WEN GN400i RV-Ready is a best portable generator for RV camping which is built with cutting edge technology. This portable generator is uniquely designed to ensure adequate power and light to your RV. It is very easy to handle.

You can take it with you for your RV camping. This quality portable for generator for RV air conditioner produces clean power waves that ensures the safety of your Android phone, PC, laptop, tablet and television.

You can operate the mentioned electronic components with the power of the WEN GN400i RV-Ready generator, there will be no damage to your devices.

This is a Best generator for RV air conditioner as well. it is a lightweight generator, so you won’t have any trouble carrying it while your RV camping. You can enjoy your vacation outside to the fullest. This generator will solve your electricity problem in open space.

This portable generator features parallel-ready (sold separately) panels therefore, you can easily increase the wattage of the generator. For this you just have to connect any two WEN inverter generators.

This portable generator is powered by a 212cc 4-stroke CARB-compliant Gasoline OHV engine that is capable of generating surge watts and rated watts of 4000 and 3500 respectively by which almost all your camper or tent needs are served well.

It is one of the generators with lowest THD which is under 0.3% at no load and under 1.2%at full load. That means it can produce grid like power

signal which is the safest for your sensitive microprocessor-based devices.

Plus, two portable 5V USB ports and two 120V NEMA 5-20R receptacles are included in this generator. Likewise, you will find a 120V RV-ready TT-30 R receptacle in this unique portable generator for easily hooking up your RV.

If we talk about its noise level, it produces low decibel(dB) sound which does not cause noise pollution.

Likewise, it has excellent maneuverability and it can run for a long time.

It is available in black/orange color which adds a nice look to this generator.

Open Frame is more affordable normally than other portable generators. Hence, the mentioned portable generator can be in your budget. Buy it, and make your RV camping fabulous.

Features we like

  • It is fitted with a great OHV Gasoline engine of 212 cc.
  • It produces the Lowest THD, that means it gives you the purest sine waves.
  • WEN GN400i RV-Ready has a wattage of 4000 watts
  • It has a Run Time of 7 hours at  50% load
  • It comes in black/orange color with an attractive look
  • It is a lightweight generator that only weighs 66.1 pounds
  • It produces low noise which ensures a noise-less environment
  • It’s an affordable portable generator, and it’s totally worth the money
  • It guarantees its longevity



4. Westinghouse iGen4200 Hybrid Portable Generator – 4200-Watt


4. Westinghouse iGen4200 Hybrid Portable Generator - 4200-Watt

Westinghouse iGen4200 is one of the best open frame inverter generators which is built with Hybrid technology. It comes in black color with an amazing look.

This unique portable generator is a gas-powered RV-ready tool that ensures fuel adequacy. It is a Best quiet generator for RV. It comes with surge watts and rated watts of 4200 and 3500 respectively at less than 3% THD. 

Westinghouse iGen4200 is sturdily built using high quality materials which ensure its durability. It is a lightweight portable generator, therefore, it can be a perfect generator for RV camping. You can also use it for household power needs.

It is a very strong generator and provides enough energy which ensures smooth operation of your electronic equipment. You will not be disappointed with its service. It ensures complete protection of your devices.

This portable generator is equipped with unique features that make it an ideal outdoor generator. It is featured with a 5-20R 120V Duplex Home Outlet. Plus, it features an RV-ready TT-30R 30 Amp outlet and two USB outlets. This Open Frame Inverter Generator is powered by a 212cc Westinghouse 4-stroke OHV engine which is having a run time of 18 hours on a 2.6 gallon gas tank.

It is a quiet 64 decibels generator that produces low noise. Some other features, like oil funnel, tool kit and oil are available in this portable generator.

In addition, a user’s manual guide is provided with this generator for the convenience of the consumers. This generator is economical in every respect.

Plus, a 3-year limited warranty is also there.

Features we like

  • Westinghouse iGen4200 has rated watts of 3500 watts
  • It comes with dimensions of 24 x 20.5 x 20 inches
  • It is a lightweight portable generator that weighs 80 pounds
  • iGen4200 is made with hybrid technology which ensures its durability
  • It can be used as both an outdoor and indoor generator
  • Westinghouse generator comes with an innovative design in attractive black color.
  • ∙ It is significantly a quiet portable generator as compared to other conventional generators
  • It ensures a Run Time of 18 hours
  • Eco friendly, hence it has CARB compliant certification.
  • Efficiency Mode to conserve power consumption
  • Lifetime technical support



5. Honda EG2800IAG Portable Generator – 2800-Watt


5. Honda EG2800IAG Portable Generator - 2800-Watt

Honda EG2800IAG Portable Generator is a specific lightweight portable generator that is ideal for your RV camping. It is equipped with the powerful Honda engine which ensures its reliability and longevity. You can count on this as Open Frame Inverter Generator for a power source during the RV camping. It is perfect as an electricity provider for TVs, smartphones, computers and other electronic devices.

It can operate all of these – refrigerator, TV, lights, microwave, coffee pot, charging laptops and cell phones, and even the furnace.

The uniqueness of this portable generator is its CO-minder features, an advanced carbon monoxide detection system, which ceaselessly monitors the carbon monoxide (CO) level.

If the carbon monoxide level near the generator gives an alarming signal, it automatically turns off the generator. This open frame portable generator is built with a large muffler and Honda’s inverter high technology which ensures its ample quietness.

With this portable generator a full frame is provided as a protector to protect it.  This high-quality Open Frame Inverter Generator includes a convenient hand hold for easy handling.

You can easily provide power to your Recreational Vehicle by connecting it with a transfer switch. It is capable of providing enough generator power to meet the electricity needs of your RV camping.

Open Frame is more affordable.

The name of the brand, Honda, of this excellent generator conveys its quality. So, you can consider this budget-friendly power tool as the best portable generator for camping and can buy it without any worries.

Features we like

  • The Brand Honda Engine – Honda GC190LA 186 cc, fitted in this tool.
  • Honda’s inverter technology, which is unique and can supply the cleanest and stable power for your delicate devices
  • Its run-time is 11.9 hours with only 2.1 gal of fuel at quarter load.
  • Honda’s unique Eco Throttle system for maximum fuel efficiency.
  • It works in the range of 62 to 67 decibels sound.
  • It is a lightweight open frame inverter generator with a weight of 67.5 pounds
  • Its ​​wattage is 2800 watts
  • Its package dimensions are 20 x 19 x 18 inches
  • It comes with a voltage of 120 volts
  • Impressively Quiet Portable Generator
  • Easy Starting
  • Best Transfer switch fitted with to transfer power to you.
  • Ensures adequate power and illumination while RV camping



Our take away

All of them we have chosen are having unique qualities to consider for your RV camper. If you are for a brand, go for Honda. If you are for lowest THD, go for Wen.

Every power tool featured here has something special to serve you in your camping expeditions. Choosing a best portable generator for RV camping from this list is up to you, even though Editor’s inclination is with Honda.

Thanking you for having found time for reading.

Have a great time, camping.